Car Rental

What Companies To Trust

Below you can find the brokers we recommended for your car rental. The ones that you can trust so you don’t end up getting overcharged or charged for extra things that even haven’t occurred. We found that especially in Italy there is a lot of hit & miss rentals

These companies worked very well for us. They usually have a great customer service & staff or will upgrade you when they can and its just hasselfree and easy.

• Avis

• Very Competitive Prices

• User Friendly Website

• Helpful Staff

Never Had Any Issues With This Company

• Reliable

• Insurance Usually Included

• Friendly Customer Service

• Very Competitive Prices

• No Extra Charges

• Easy Service

What Companies To Avoid

Below you can find the companies you should avoid at all costs for your car rental. These companies will lure you in with cheaper prices but don’t get fooled. Longterm you will end up paying way more.

• Many times we have been picking up our car and they wouldn’t rent it to us unless you pay some extra fees/insurance, even though we paid for full insurance already.
• Even worse we have been getting charged for “damages” & “scratches” that we never occurred a few days after returning the car.
• Or charging you outrageous amounts of money for filling up the gasoline.

These companies usually have massive queues, so avoiding them will save you valuable time spent enjoying your time instead…

• Goldcar •Noleggiare •Maggiore

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