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Top 11 Places for Wine In Santorini

There are many wineries and vineyards to visit for either wine tasting, lunch or sunset drinks. Some more commercial than others, but in general they all produce very high-quality wines. Assyrtiko is the most produced grape variety, but do look out for other interesting grapes like Mavrotragano and Aidani.

1. Sigalas Winery 

Very close to Oia, they produce some stunning wines. Don’t forget to try the red grape Mavrotragano. I love this wine. The place had a refurb and is quite modern, but the outside part still has some rustic charm to it. A great place for lunch too, as their food is every bit as impressive as their wine.


2. Vassaltis Winery 

Not that far from Imerovigli at the bottom of the valley, this is the newest winery in Santorini. It’s very modern and has a great open space for wine tasting that overlooks the ocean. They also make a sparkling wine which is stunning. We had this at our wedding…


3. Santo Wines 

Above the ferry port situated at the edge of the cliff, this is a very busy place for sunset these days. It’s a big space so isn’t quite as cosy as some of the other places I’ve listed, but there’s usually live music playing. Arguably the best sunset view on the whole island. Booking here is essential.


4. Venetsanos Winery 

Right next door to Santo Wines, this place makes lovely wines and is full of history. Definitely worth taking a tour. Food and service are great here and much more relaxed than Santo wines, we do prefer this one for sunsets. The view is not as amazing, but not far off.


5. Estate Argyros 

You’ll find this place near the airport towards Kamari beach. A beautiful estate and they make lovely wines. Well worth a visit. Booking beforehand is advisable.


6. Oia Vineyart 

Great for wine and cheese/meat boards and the staff are passionate and hugely knowledgeable about Greek wines. This place is at the back of the Caldera in Oia. Just walk those little roads towards the bus station and you will find it.


7. Lauda Restaurant 

You’ll find this little gem in Oia with views of the Caldera. There are many many options for sunset drinks and wines in Oia. This restaurant has nice wines on the menu and is quite relaxed. They also do great food too.


8. Heliotopos Hotel 

Situated in Imerovigli, it has stunning sunset views overlooking Oia and Thirassia island. The bar is usually not busy, so a great place to relax and enjoy a sunset drink to yourself. There are quite a few 5-star hotels along here, but only a handful of the bars are open for non-staying guests.


9. Botargo Restaurant and Bar 

A lovely place in Pyrgos. Great views from the terrace and great wines and food too.


10. Forty One 41 

This little romantic place is in Perivolos. On the beachfront, this restaurant and bar usually have live music. A good selection of wines and good food to go with it.


11. Candouni 

A lovely restaurant with a good selection of Greek wines. It’s traditional in style and very romantic. You will find it in the back streets of Oia and very near Oia Vineyart. Panagiotos and his family will look after you very well here.



There are more places to visit for wine too.

Avantis Estate

in Mesaria,

Hatzidakis Winery

in Pyrgos,

Boutari Winery

in Megalochori,

Gaia Winery

in Kamari,

Gavalas Winery

in Megalochori
to name a few!

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