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Top Beaches & Beach Clubs In Santorini

Santorini is famous for its views and not for its beaches, as they don’t have that crystal clear waters like other islands. But they are nice enough, and all quite distinctive when it comes to the colours of the stones and sand. There are black, white and red beaches. You also have beaches with larger rock formations in various colours as well.

1. Perissa/Perivolos

This long beachfront encapsulates two quite different areas. At the bottom is Perissa beach and at the top Perivolos beach. The whole stretch has dark soft volcanic sand. It’s an easy area for swimming and there are endless options for beach beds. The main difference is that Perivolos is a little more upmarket with nicer restaurants, but obviously more expensive.


2. Red Beach

As the name suggests, this is a beach with red sand. It’s a stunning looking beach and the water is calm. Great photo opportunities but it will be very busy.


3. Vlichada Beach

Between Perivolos and Red Beach, this is a simple pebble beach with a light rock wall in the background.


4. White Beach

Small and tricky to get to, but usually quieter as a result, the sand is whiter due to the bright white rock formations in the background.


5. Ammoudi

This is a place where you can swim near Oia. You have to walk past the restaurant and around the corner following a tricky pathway. There are very few spots to lie down and it’s quite uncomfortable if you do, but the water is lovely for swimming. By Saint Nicholas there is a little rock formation with a popular spot to jump off from if you’re brave enough. It’s about 7 meters high. It does get very busy down there so go very early or very late.


There’s plenty of beach clubs to choose from in

Perissa, Perivolos and Kamari.

Some are loud party venues and some are more stylish and chilled. You will definitely find one that will meet your needs and criteria. Almost all the beaches around the island have at least one place that rent beach beds. Santorini is developing quite rapidly and each year a few new beach clubs are opening up or been refurbished, so worth looking into those ones too.

6. Seaside by Notos

By Perivolos beach, this is definitely “the” beach club to be in Santorini. It looks the part and is very modern and stylish with great looking comfy furniture. The food is more modern European than just Greek, but it is very tasty and they do sushi too. The wine list is big and has many great wines from the island but they can be pricey. Disappointingly, spending money in the restaurant will not give you free beach beds here. Booking is essential.


7. Fougaro Beach Club

This beach club is just 100 meters down the road from Seaside in Perivolos. This is our favourite place to spend a day relaxing at the beach. Big comfy beach beds (free of charge when eating/drinking), very friendly and service-minded staff and they serve really good food too. It’s usually not busy but booking is recommended.


8. N’Tomatini Restaurant

Down by the more lively Perissa beach, there are many places to choose from around here. That said, this place is very close to our hearts, as we came here many years ago on our first holiday together and we have been coming back for 6 years now and got to know the staff and the family that owns this place, so it feels like home every time we go back. The beach beds here are larger in size than normal and very comfy. The food is really good here. You must try the Thirokafteri with pita bread (spicy feta cheese dip) and the Tomatinis (filled ‘real’ tomatoes)


There are a few other beaches around as well.

Kambia Beach

Close to red beach.

Kamari Beach

Near the airport on the east side of Santorini.

Pigadia Beach

Close to Kambia beach.

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