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Top 9 Beaches Folegandros

Folegandros has a wide variety of beaches. Most beaches are at the western side of the island and either nearby the port or at the center of the island by Agali and are fairly easy to get to. The harder get to beaches are less crowded and you will sometimes have those beaches all to yourself..

1. Pountaki Beach

With dark, fine sand, this secluded spot, only ten minutes walk from the port, is quiet and usually avoids the wind that can whip in from sea. Within a few steps, the water is deep enough to swim in.


2. Vitsentzou Beach

This is right next to Pountaki beach. Slightly closer to the port, we prefer this one although they are both very similar.


3. Chochlidia Beach

If you don’t want to leave the port, this is the beach for you. It’s a pebble beach so not the most comfortable to lie down on but all the shops and cafes are nearby.


4. Vardia Beach

With a short walk up the hill from the port, from the top, you see the whole beach. It’s quite large and has soft sand. Not the easiest swimming beach as it gets quite windy here, but definitely worth a look.


5. Agali Beach

This beach can be reached by the local bus. There are numerous cafes and restaurants here. It’s a popular beach due to its white sand and calm, clear water.


6. Galifos Beach

A small secluded bay with a pebble beach, there’s not much space to lie down but it’s usually very quiet here. The people who are here are usually naked. It’s only reachable by walking from Agali beach. You walk up the hill to the right and follow a pathway which is fairly easy and it’s about 8-10 min walk.
It’s also halfway to Agios Nikolaos.


7. Agios Nikolaos Beach

This is probably the most famous beach in Folegandros. It is a lovely spot and the beach is sizeable and there’s white sand here and a few spots with shade. Almost always protected from wind and a perfect lagoon for swimming. There’s one amazing restaurant here and a beach-side cafe. Most people take a boat from Agali but you could also walk, about 15-20 min.


8. Ambeli Beach

Our favourite. It is a lovely small little beach and true bliss. It has small white pebbles that are surprisingly comfortable underfoot. There aren’t many spots to lie down, but it’s usually very quiet. There are no shops around so bring water and snacks as this beach is only reachable by driving.


9. Katergo Beach

Most people consider this one to be the best beach in Folegandros.
It has a long stretch of nice sand and the water is stunning for swimming. It has calm waters and gets deep pretty quickly but you can still see your feet. Be careful swimming too far out though as the current can get really strong. You have to take a boat from the port to get here and there are no shops or shade, so water, sunscreen, and umbrellas are a must!


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