Folegandros Restaurants

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Top 8 Restaurants Folegandros

Most restaurants are all in and around the Chora center or nearby the beaches. Its mainly Greek food with the usual Greek dishes except for a couple of Italian restaurants.

1. Blue Cuisine 

This is the best restaurant on the island without question. Modern Greek fusion served in a traditional family-style setting. The owner Vasilis used to work for Nobu so he knows his stuff. They also have great Greek wines here, so a great stop for a glass or two.


2. Papalagi 

This is one of our top 5 restaurants all time! It’s such a stunning and unique setting. We never get tired of those views. Their speciality is fresh seafood and it’s beautifully prepared. Paros and his family will look after you well.
The best views for lunch ever…


3. Piatsa 

This is right in the middle of the square and in the cutest spot in Chora. Food is traditional Greek with a modern twist and is very tasty. The house wines here are great too. Pavlos is the one looking after this family-owned restaurant.


4. Souvlaki Club 

This is also right in the middle of the square. Right next to Piatsa. Don’t get put off by the restaurant name as they do serve some tasty dishes. Food is easy going and casual and so are the prices. The main attraction here is to chat to the hard-working and charismatic Panagiotis. Your dinner will be very relaxed, welcoming and entertaining!


5. Pane E Vino 

An Italian restaurant which is off the beaten path on the other side of the island and is a little hard to find. It’s situated just after Lemon Tree house up to the right on a dirt road. Take the first right after restaurant Sinadisi. The owners Paulo and Flavia make some really great authentic Italian food. Everything is freshly cooked to order and is part of the slow food movement, so prepare yourself for a long nice relaxing lunch here with plenty of Italian wines. Pizza is made properly, with the dough being prepared 3 days earlier. It’s only served at dinner so do come back for this as it’s outstanding!


6. To Zimaraki 

An Italian place serving pizza and pasta. This place is right next to Blue Cuisine on the top floor. The staff are super friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed.


7. Vegera 

The restaurant is in Vrahos hotel down by the port. It is modern and the setting is romantic, especially at night overlooking the port.


8. Blue Sand 

The hotel is by Agali beach. It’s slightly up on the hill to the right and is stylishly designed and lovely. It’s a great spot for drinks or lunch with amazing beach views.


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