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Most hotels, resorts, and beach clubs in Phu Qouc Vietnam are very new, some of them just opened a few months ago. The area is developing fast, so within another year there will be many more new places to look out for.

1. JW Marriott

This is the classiest, high-end hotel on the island. It sits on Khem beach, which is a beautiful spot with lovely bright white, pinkish sand. It has its own mini-village with a few different restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. The lobby is absolutely stunning with a British colonial/Around The World In 80 Days design. Best photo spot ever!

2. Intercontinental

This hotel has a lovely pool area on different levels. Amazing private gazebos to relax in by its sides. The beachfront restaurant Ombra is really nicely designed and has ocean views and good food and wine. The lobby has an area with beautiful views over both the pool area and beach. Ink 360 is the hotel’s rooftop bar on the 19th floor, with almost 360-degree views over the island. For us, the nicest area of this hotel is the spa Harnn, which is beautifully designed and has a lovely feel and energy to it, where you can get yourself a unique bamboo stick massage treatment.

3. Premier Village

This resort is very secluded and sits at the very far south end of the island. It’s almost like a private island and it has its own beach on two sides, so you can enjoy both sunrise and sunset. In peak sunbathing hours, their beaches are never busy. It has beautiful amenities and furniture and is a great place to just relax far from the crowds.

4. Premier Residences

This hotel is just a few months old and is a sister hotel to Premier Village, not as expensive but not as luxurious. One of the nicest features is the huge pool area, that has many different sections all with plenty of beach beds to relax on. This hotel is huge with over 700 rooms that are very modern with a nice balcony and either sea views or pool views. It’s right next door to JW Marriott so they also sit on Khem beach.

5. Nam Nghi

This hotel sits on its own edge at the northern end of Phu Quoc. It has its own island reminiscent of the Maldives. All amenities are as beautiful as expected. The Tree House restaurant is another highlight with great ocean views, good food, and wine, and as the name suggests, it is a unique place to have a meal.

6. Fusion Resort

This resort is very modern a new and sits on Vung Bau beach at the northern end of Phu Quoc, not far from Nam Ghi. There are a nice spa and wellness center here to enjoy as well.

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7. Shri

This beach club/restaurant just opened (January 2019). Same owner as Shri in Ho Chi Minh, which is an iconic and well-known place. It’s just on the outskirts of Dương Đông, close to the airport. The beachfront area with beach beds is a good spot for sunset. This place has the best food we experienced in Phu Quoc by far. Lovely seafood and other fresh, well-balanced dishes with great flavors. Really good drinks too. Our favorite place on the island to spend an afternoon or to have dinner. Surprisingly their prices are half of what most other hotels and restaurants are offering at this standard, great value for money so no excuse not to visit!

8. Sailing Club

This newly opened beach club/restaurant has a big open space and pool area connected to its restaurant with great views. It serves lovely fresh seafood dishes and there’s also a big meat section. There are some good drinks on offer too with some interesting beers on tap. This place is right next door to Intercontinental hotel just south of Dương Đông. It’s a great spot for sunset. The venue will hold some big parties here in the near future to look out for.

9. Phu Foc

Is another newly opened restaurant right in the hustle and bustle near La Veranda Resort. It serves nice Vietnamese dishes and has a big seafood section as well. More of a tapas type of vibe here, which we love!

10. Department of Chemistry Bar

This bar is connected to JW Marriott hotel. A lovely space just in front of the beach, this speakeasy-style bar serves great cocktails and have large comfy sofas and big swings to lie down on. Sip your cocktails while watching the sun setting. Comfiest place ever!

11. Chuon Chuon Bistro & Sky Bar

A coffee place up on a hill with vast views over Dương Đông. An area still under development, this will be one to watch in the next couple of years…

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